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About Today’s Vintage Magazine

Today’s Vintage Magazine is a monthly

publication designed to entertain and educate on

the subject of antiuqes, collectibles, vintage and art.


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Today’s Vintage Magazine was founded in 2007 by a group of us who had been working in the antiques magazine industry for years, and through circumstances unforeseen, found ourselves without a publication to call home. When the opportunity to build our own magazine came along - we jumped at the  chance! Spear-headed by my wonderful friend and mentor, Sandy Hood, we took an idea and molded it into the magazine you all know and love today. Unknown to all of us, Today’s Vintage was slated to be short-lived. In the March 2009 issue, the letter went out that it was to be the last. After a hair- raising, nail-biting week, where I weighed the pros and cons, and the possibilities and pitfalls, I made the decision to purchase the rights to the magazine. Then it was a mad scramble to get the April 2009 issue out on time. So - without so much as a missed issue - Today’s Vintage Magazine continues today. I work regularly with my good friend and artist Debbie Rieman. She’s the wizard behind the scenes when it comes to the beautiful layout each month! We have a fantastic time and take pride in bringing each new issue to the faithful and the uninitiated alike. We work hard to provide content that is entertaining as well as informative, and we hope that we succeed more often than fail. I thoroughly enjoy the people I’ve met and spoken to through the course of making this magazine each month, and I look forward to continuing for many more years! Thank you all so much for reading!